Save Energy + Protect Your Clothes + Preserve Our Planet

Save that much money or more every year when you switch from warm and hot water washing to cold.

About 90% of the energy

the washing machine uses goes toward heating the water.
Washing in cold saves energy, saves your clothes and could help save the planet.

Share Your Cold Water Story

Kelly D.
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I have 3 daughters, and we spend a lot of time finding the perfect outfit to wear. So when I go to wash them, I don’t want to have to worry ...
Matt P.
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As a college student, doing laundry is the last thing on my mind, but helping the planet means a lot to me. That’s why I switched to cold ...
Charlie H.
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I never realized the effect that using hot water for my laundry had on my clothes. Since switching to washing my clothes in cold water ...
Kristin D.
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Before switching to cold, I would constantly shrink my clothes. Now I don’t have to worry about my work shirts shrinking or fading ...
Jessica E.
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Doing what I can to help reduce greenhouse gases is important to me, so I made the switch to cold water. My clothes look even better, and ...
Nathan S.
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Switching to cold water is one of the best decisions I’ve made. It helps keep my clothes looking newer and gives me the peace of mind ...