See for yourself how switching to cold water washing can save.


Using cold water saves energy and puts much less pressure on our electrical grids.

Price per load (electricity), based on water temperature
Based on U.S. national average cost of 16¢/kWh as of December 2022 (U.S. EIA). Rates vary by state. And, the average of 392 loads of laundry washed annually per U.S. household (EPA). Table excludes the cost of water, with water heated electrically. Top-loading washer.

Helps Save Energy And Eliminate Greenhouse Gases

That’s right, washing with cold water can reduce your energy footprint even more by keeping CO2 emissions out of the air.

The number of loads of laundry done by the average U.S. household every year is 392.

And by switching from warm wash and rinse to cold wash and rinse, the energy savings is 3.2kWh per load. That’s enough to power a refrigerator for over 300 days!

Helps Protect Your Clothes

The truth is washing in cold water helps slow fading in colors, reduce shrinking in fabrics and protect delicates. And it gives us all one more good reason to turn to cold when it comes to your laundry — not to mention, saves you money on every load you wash in cold.

Save Energy + Protect Your Clothes + Preserve Our Planet